USP Activity

Part A - Device Driver

Total Marks - 10

Type Device Driver
Number of Students in a Team 4
Marks Allotment 10
Date for Freezing the Topics 11/04/2011
Submission Date 18/04/2011
Submission Modes Submit either of the following method.
  • Event driven program.
  • Make file.
  • Highest Priority
  • Device Driver of their own choice

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Soft Copy of Books  (Right click on pdf file and select save target as)
Creating Devcie Driver Blog.pdf Creating Devcie Driver Blog.pdf
Size : 341.998 Kb
Type : pdf
Creating Device Driver Doc 1.pdf Creating Device Driver Doc 1.pdf
Size : 247.451 Kb
Type : pdf
Essential Linux Device Drivers.pdf Essential Linux Device Drivers.pdf
Size : 4969.79 Kb
Type : pdf
make file.pdf make file.pdf
Size : 530.758 Kb
Type : pdf

Source Codes for the commands and other important codes.


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