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Welcome to Web Tecnologies website!

Course Objectivies
The goal of this course is to provide students with a comprehensive introduction to the programming tools and skills required to create and build web pages and sites on the Web. This course teaches students how to build dynamic websites with client-side technologies such as HTML (HyperText Markup Language), JavaScript, XML (eXtended Markup Language) and server-side technologies such as Perl, CGI (Common Gateway Interface), PHP.

Course Relevance

The speed at which millions of dynamic & interactive web sites have appeared reveals that pages are no longer static files but instead generated by languages, scripts and database calls. This forward thinking degree is designed to address the rapidly expanding market of web-based systems. The purpose of this course is to give the basic understanding of how the things are working in the Web world from the technology point of view as well as to give the basic overview of the different technologies.

Course Learning Objectives

At the end of the course student would be able to:
i. Demonstrate the way Web Servers can be accessed from a Web Client (Web Browsers).
ii. Design & Develop Client-Side Applications using technologies such as HTML, JavaScript & XML.
iii. Use JavaScript for data validation and dynamic effects on Web Pages.
iv. Create adaptive web pages at Server-Side using technologies such as Perl/CGI & PHP Scripts.
v. Choose the best technologies for solving Web Client / Server problems.


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