“Software is like entropy. It is difficult to grasp, weighs nothing, and obeys the second law of thermodynamics; i.e. it always increases.”

Advanced Software Engineering


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Chapter 1:  Software Testing Strategies

Chapter 2 :  Software Testing Tactics

Chapter 3 : Cost Estimation


Chapter 4:  An Agile View of a Process

Chapter 5 :  Reengineering

                      Service oriented software engineering

Chapter 6 : Critical Systems


Chapter 7:  Critical Systems Specification

Chapter 8 : Formal Specification



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Type : doc
Unit_Test.doc Unit_Test.doc
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Unit-Test Case specification template.doc Unit-Test Case specification template.doc
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  • Minimum of 5 slides to explain the projects.
  • Test plan and project plan can be in word or ppt.
  • But better if you put it in PPT (important concepts/tables etc).
  • Random presentation by Members

Evaluation Scheme

Topic Marks
Understanding of templates (test and project plan) 2
Presentation (individual evaluation) 3
Cost estimation using tool 2
Contents (depth of detail) 3
Total 10

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